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​Car Detail, Hand Car Wash, Paint Decontamination and More

Improper car washing methods will cause swirls and make your paint look dull; let us take care of your car detailing needs.

Performing wheel cleaning service during a car wash.

Car Wash vs. High-Quality Car Detail,
Paint Decontamination, Hand Car
Wash and Paint Inspection 


The automatic car wash days are over with us, and you no longer have to worry about scratching, damaging, swirling, or damaging your vehicle. No automated system can replace the quality of a professional-grade car exterior detailing service and proper hand car wash. Here at Clean Start Detail, we focus on the work's quality and long-term care of your vehicle.

We provide our clients with top-of-the-line vehicle maintenance and car detail services using some of the industry's best chemicals, the softest wash mitts, and the best microfiber towels, and brushes. Below we will discuss our hand car washing techniques, decontamination process, and car detail services in depth. 


What is an Exterior Detail?

When we service your vehicle with our Exter Detail Service, your car goes through several professional hand car washing steps. Unlike automated car wash systems, we create a plan of action specific to your vehicle and perform and oversee the whole process from start to finish. We like to take note of the contamination the car has and, from there, address all of the issues individually.

We inspect for:

  • tar

  • bug splatters and remains

  • tree sap

  • bird droppings and etchings

  • water spots on the paint, plastics, trim, rims, chrome, and other components

And other contaminants present in the vehicle's wheels and paint.

Once we understand the contamination in the car's paint, we take adequate steps to remove contaminants with our industry-leading chemicals, cleaning products, and techniques. It is essential to address all of the vehicle's contamination individually by contaminant factor so that we can take care of the root of the problem.


By now, you can see why an automated system falls short when cleaning your car's paint properly and can further understand why the Exterior Detail service isn't just a hand car wash with multi bucket system and some soft brushes; it is so much more than that!


After washing your vehicle thoroughly and decontaminating the paint, we put your car through a car drying process. When drying your car, we use high-quality microfiber towels and hot forced air. The hot forced air and microfiber towels prevent scratching and swirling your car paint. The hot forced air is great for drying the nooks and crannies that a microfiber towel can't reach. 

Do you clean the Rims and Tires? 

Before washing your car and taking it through the hand car wash and paint decontamination process, we address the wheels first. The wheels are the lowest part of the car and come in contact with the road, making it susceptible to more dirt, grime, and contamination.


Therefore we tackle the wheels first. We don't want to clean the wheels after the paint because we want to prevent cross-contamination. Brake dust and wheel contaminants can be detrimental to the car's paint; it is best to clean them first.

The wheel cleaning process is as follows:


  • A Non-Acidic Wheel Cleaner Foam is applied to the wheels and the wheel barrels to help break down brake dust, oil stains, dirt, and light corrosion.

  • We use wheel woolies to clean between the spokes of the rims.

  • A wheel brush is used to get through the barrels, and soft bristle brushes are used to clean the face and the lug nut/bolt holes.

  • We apply a tire cleaning product that helps break down the dirt and grime from the tires, and we agitate this product with a tire brush.

  • Rinse all products, dirt, grime, and contaminants, and inspect the wheel.

  • If contaminants are present, repeat the process; if contaminants are removed, we apply a Silicon Dioxide Spray Sealant to aid wheel protection and move on to the next wheel. 

Car Wash vs. Hand Car Wash

So, what is a better method for washing your vehicle, an automatic car wash or a hand car wash?


This question is complicated because it depends greatly on the individual performing the hand wash and their knowledge and understanding of paint systems and how to perform a hand wash properly. 


Hand Washing your vehicle is almost always the better method for washing your car, especially if you're doing it yourself or hiring us to do the job with our car detail services. By hand washing your vehicle, you're preventing exposure to the unknown at the local automatic car wash and performing a far more thorough job with high-quality wash mitts.


At Clean Start Detail, we perform hand car washes on all our clients' vehicles; it is also our preferred method for washing all our cars. 


The attention to detail you give when hand-washing a vehicle shows in the end product.
You will also reap the benefits of knowing the quality of the equipment, wash mitt, and chemicals you will use and reuse on your car paint.



What is Paint Decontamination?

Paint decontamination refers to removing contaminants on the top layer of the car paint; these contaminants can plague the car's paint system and, in turn, cause long-term damage if left untreated. The Paint Decontamination process isn't something you must do every time you wash your car; however, it is an essential step toward vehicle maintenance.


At Clean Start Detail, we know when a Paint Decontamination step is necessary based on our car paint assessment, and we will kindly inform you after our service if we have to decontaminate the paint. We do not have a fee or an extra charge for paint decontamination. It is part of our Exterior Detail service.


Paint contaminants come in many shapes and forms, and the process for paint decontamination differs depending on the pollutant or contaminant. We approach the contaminants/pollutants with Chemicals or Mechanically using a clay bar.


Some of the contaminants are:

  • Tar

  • Glue

  • Paint OverSpray 

  • Concrete, Bug, or Asphalt Splatter

  • Tree Sap

  • Iron Deposits

  • Rail Dust

  • Brake Dust


Who benefits from Exterior Detail?

Anyone interested and involved in car care and clients looking to care for their vehicles' paint. An Exterior Detail is a great way to retain the value of your vehicle. It's an excellent service for people in the car community, such as car enthusiasts and drivers looking for a safe way to maintain their cars.

This service is perfect for clients who have yet to have their vehicles protected by quality paint protection/spray sealant chemicals. After our Exterior Detail, your car's paint will be contaminant free and protected for months. 

We also offer a car pick-up and drop-off service free of charge. Our goal is to make it very convenient for you to leave the vehicle with us while you work or enjoy your day off with your family.

Alex is seen here performing a car wash during his exterior detail service, he's rinsing a wash mitt before putting it in the wash bucket and continue the process of hand washing the car.

Why should I go with Clean Start Detail?

There are multiple reasons why Clean Start Detail is an excellent choice over the local car wash and other detailers. The service environment is essential for car care; we have built a suitable environment with the appropriate tools, equipment, and lighting for detailing and caring for clients' vehicles. From our deionized water system to our extended rubberized pressure washing tips, we have thought of it all and kept our clients and the safety of their cars in mind the whole way.


We also wanted to offer our clients the flexibility of mobile detailing by providing pick-up and drop-off services; that's right, we come to you! AND we book a single client daily. We also established a very flexible booking and payment system for your convenience. 

Enough about us! Let's get to know you and your detailing needs. Call or Text us. 

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