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Alex Olivera

From Social Media Management, to Video Creating, Video Editing, Story Telling and More!

Aesthetics are integral for us at MONSTRUM. We design beautiful, visually striking playgrounds and having imagery that exhibits this effectively is essential for us in communicating our story.

The objective of this manual is to ensure consistent and vivid documentation of our playgrounds. The images will be used in marketing and PR materials both on- and offline, for example, on our website, social media, and advertising.

We use the photographs of our playgrounds for many different purposes and formats, so it is important to have a wide range of photos, which we can select from and edit.

The main focus is to capture beautiful compositions and the most stunning angles of the playground. Children playing at the playground are a secondary element - portraits are not necessary.

However, we do value photos that display kids enjoying playing at the playground. Seeing them jumping, balancing, running, climbing or just hanging out is a great way to capture the atmosphere at the playground.

Our aim is to end up with:

Frog’s-eye view money shots

Wide-angle, frog’s-eye view shots of the playground from various angles

Detail shots
(e.g., inside structures, closer shots of individual features)

Images of the same scene with children playing (camera on tripod - for use in sequential photo series)

Bird’s eye view shots

Aerial shots


Video of the playground
- Bird’s-eye view

Video of the playground
Fly through


• Max. 50 images to select from

• RAW file format

• 300 pp


• Entire playground

• Play features

• Kids playing at playground

• Inside the play elements

• Details


• Low-angle, realistic frog’s-eye view

• High aperture

• Deep focus shots (limited use of shallow focus images & close-ups)

• Bright photos with a focus on beautiful play of light (shoot at sunset/golden hour for example)

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