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Wheel Polishing and Wheel Ceramic Coating in Flower Mound

A game-changing Wheel Polishing and Wheel Ceramic Coating service that will make you wish you'd gotten it sooner

Alex is performing a wheel ceramic coating job on lexus wheels.

Wheel Polishing and Wheel Ceramic Coating services Near you


Ceramic coating cars' paint and ceramic coating wheels is a relatively new trend evolving due to ceramic coatings' great benefits for the car industry.

There's no doubt that ceramic coating is the leading car care chemical in the industry and is considered the ultimate car care choice for car enthusiasts and everyday consumers looking for maximum paint protection. It is the best way to approach corrosion and UV protection while making your wheels look new and shiny for a long time.


Can you Polish my Wheels and Calipers?

Yes! Polishing your Wheels and Calipers creates an excellent surface for any protective agent to adhere to appropriately and well. Not only allowing for excellent protection but ensuring your wheels and calipers look amazing once again. Polishing cleans, removes the dull look, and brings the shine out.

Gtechniq C5 Wheel Ceramic Coating and a Lexus GSF wheel.


Can you Ceramic Coat my Wheels and Calipers?

Absolutely, and it is a great idea to do so as well.
Ceramic coating is an excellent way to protect any painted surface of the wheel exposed to the road's harmful elements and contaminants like brake dust, dirt, salt, tar, debris, and much more.


The process a coating goes through to chemically bond and cure to the wheel's surface ensures a lasting barrier of protection between the wheel and any harmful elements. 


How do you Polish and Ceramic Coat the Wheels and Calipers? 

Cleaning and decontaminating the surface for wheel polishing and wheel ceramic coating application is crucial. To have a clean surface for ceramic coating adhesion, one must clean all the brake dust, grime, tar, and dirt off the wheels.


The best way to perform such a job is to raise the vehicle and remove the wheels from the car to access the entire surface of the wheel. Here at Clean Start Detail, we use a car lift to raise the vehicle and remove the wheels because it is the safest way to perform this job.


One of our favorite tools at the car detailing shop is a wheel cleaning stand. It is a great tool to ease the cleaning process. Wheel cleaning stands allow wheel rotation during wheel cleaning, wheel polishing, or wheel ceramic coating. Once the wheels are off the car, it is time to begin our cleaning process. ​

Ceramic Coating and Car Wheel Polishing Preparation Process:

If you're looking to protect your wheels and keep them looking clean and new for longer, our wheel ceramic coating process at Clean Start Detail is the perfect solution. Here's a detailed breakdown of the steps we take to ensure thorough and durable protection for your wheels.

To begin the process, we first raise the vehicle on a car lift to allow for the best access to the wheels. This allows us to perform a wheels-off ceramic coating, ensuring that every inch of the wheels is coated for maximum protection.


  • The first step is to very thoroughly clean your wheels to remove any dirt, grime, or brake dust that has accumulated. This includes a foam bath to loosen and break down any tough dirt, followed by a hand wash to remove all of the contaminants.

  • After the wheels are clean, we use a chemical decontamination process to remove any stuck-on contaminants that may be present on the surface of the wheels. This is followed by a mechanical decontamination step using a clay bar to remove any of the remaining embedded contaminants.

  • Once the wheels are thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated, we carefully dry them using large microfiber towels and forced hot air.

  • At this point, we perform an inspection of the wheels to assess the condition of the paint and determine the level of correction needed. If the wheels have any imperfections or defects, we take note to polish them carefully in future steps to restore the paint to its original condition.

  • To protect the areas of the wheel that don't need to be polished, such as the lug nuts and valve stems, we tape off these areas. This ensures that they are not affected by the polishing process.

  • We now define the polishing step needed to return the wheel to its original state, and we proceed with this step until we're done polishing the front and back sides of the wheel.

  • After the wheels have been polished, we perform an alcohol wipe-down to ensure that they are completely clean and free of any residue. This is a crucial step through the process, as it helps to ensure that the ceramic coating will adhere properly to the surface of the wheels.

  • Once the wheels have been thoroughly cleaned and prepared, we are ready to apply the ceramic coating. We take care to ensure full coverage and a durable finish, applying the ceramic coating to every inch of the wheels.

After the wheel ceramic coating is applied, we perform a final inspection to ensure that the wheels are fully coated and the coating is applied evenly. The wheel ceramic coating will provide long-lasting protection for your wheels, keeping them looking clean and new for longer, and is an excellent way to protect your investment in your vehicle.

At Clean Start Detail, we pride ourselves in offering our clients top-quality services. Our wheel ceramic coating service is no exception. We use the best tools and techniques to ensure that your wheels are protected and looking their best. If you're in need of a wheel ceramic coating, we encourage you to call us and schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you keep your wheels looking brand new and protected for years to come.

Is Ceramic Coating your wheels worth it?

One of the main reasons you would want ceramic coating applied to your wheels is to protect them from the elements and retain the clean look for much longer. It is a great protecting agent from UV damage, dirt, debris, and much more, especially if you're driving it daily, and great for those that like offroading.

Cleaning your wheels and calipers will be much easier. Less time cleaning, more time enjoying the drives! The great benefits of a wheel ceramic coating last for over a year, making the application worth it in the long run.


Visit our Appointment Booking page to set your appointment and book your ceramic coating application! 

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