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Client Acceptance Policy

Upholding The Clean Start Detail Culture & Quality

Over the past three years, Clean Start Detail LLC has proudly established itself as a premier detailing company serving a discerning clientele across the Dallas Fort Worth area. During this time, we have come to a critical realization our services and unwavering pursuit of automotive excellence are truly not a fit for every vehicle owner.

Clean Start Detail has cultivated a refined culture and rigorous set of standards to which we must adhere to properly care for our client's vehicles and deliver the impeccable results they expect. Attempting to be everything to everyone would inevitably compromise our team's meticulous detailing expertise honed through years of specializing in high-end automobile care and maintenance.

As such, after careful consideration, we have implemented an extensive acceptance process and stringent Acceptance Policy screening mechanism. This allows Clean Start Detail to carefully curate and pre-qualify both prospective clients and their vehicles to firmly uphold our company's culture, standards, and commitment to quality. While certainly an involved process, these measures are critical to preserving our brand reputation and ability to provide the unparalleled detailing services that our valued clientele have come to expect.

At Clean Start Detail LLC, we are a detailing company focused on providing exceptional services that restore vehicles to a pristine, beautiful condition. Our reputation is built on upholding the highest standards of quality and delivering an unparalleled client experience.

To maintain these standards, Clean Start Detail has implemented a multi-step acceptance process that all potential clients and their vehicles must successfully complete before an appointment can be scheduled. This allows us to carefully evaluate whether each prospect aligns with our company's refined culture and commitment to automotive excellence.

Client Acceptance Process Steps:

  1. Prospective clients must fully complete Clean Start Detail's intake form providing their full legal name, current contact information, vehicle year/make/model, and a detailed description of the vehicle's condition.

  2. Alex will review all information provided in the intake form.

  3. The client acceptance system has rigorous criteria based on years of specializing in high-end automotive detailing to determine if the prospective client's vehicle meets our quality threshold for acceptance.

  4. Only those client submissions that successfully meet every standard per our acceptance criteria and processes will be offered an appointment. All others will be respectfully declined.

Vehicle Quality Acceptance Standards:

  • The interior and exterior visible surface areas must display evidence of reasonable prior care and maintenance efforts by the vehicle's owner

  • No excessive dirt, debris, stains, odors, damage, or other major contamination requiring substantial remediation beyond our detailing services

  • The vehicle's overall condition must align with our quality expectations for a well-maintained automobile

By submitting our client intake form, you acknowledge and agree that Clean Start Detail maintains the sole right to evaluate your vehicle's current condition and determine eligibility based on our selective acceptance criteria. Our acceptance decisions are final and failure to pass will result in denial of service.

Clean Start Detail evaluates prospective clients and vehicles without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, or other discriminatory factors in compliance with laws. We enforce acceptance standards based solely on the vehicle's presentation and quality, not the owner.

If your vehicle does not meet our standards per the client acceptance process, we will provide an explanation and recommendations for services better suited to its current state. However, attempting service on an unqualified vehicle will result in denial without obligation to proceed or refund.

Please understand this client acceptance policy before beginning submissions with Clean Start Detail.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to hopefully serving you pending successful acceptance.

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