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Paint Protection and Ceramic Coating Near Me in Flower Mound

We are taking your automotive paint protection to the next level with our Ceramic Coating service.

Ceramic Coating Near Me

Offering the Flower Mound Area High-Quality Ceramic Coatings from Leaders in the Paint Protection Industry

Ceramic Spray Sealant

6Mo - 8 Mo

2 Years

5 Years

alex is removing paint polish and paint compound from a car using an alcohol spray and microfiber towel

Our Ceramic Coatings Last Years and Offer Amazing Benefits

If you're here, you're looking for information regarding ceramic coating,  the application process, how to maintain them, and the benefits of having a ceramic coating applied. You've come to the right place for it; we have answered in detail some of the most commonly asked questions regarding ceramic coating.   

What is your service area?

Our clients come from around our local Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lantana, and Dallas area, but we are situated and operate out of the town of Flower Mound. 

For information about our service area, head to the contact us page or our Service Area tab on the navigation bar. We offer exceptional car detailing services and ceramic coating services to our clients in the following locations: 

  • Flower Mound

  • Highland Village

  • Lantana

  • Copper Canyon

  • Double Oak

  • Grapevine

  • Southlake

We want to make our car detailing services accessible for our clients in our nearby towns and cities by offering the flexibility of mobile detailing by providing pick-up and drop-off services to get our services near you.
Contact us to find out if we can arrange for this service.
If you're looking for ceramic coating near me or car detailing near me, you've found it!

What is Ceramic Coating? What to Expect, and How to Maintain it?

What is a Ceramic Coating?

  • Ceramic coating is a long-term nanoscopic automotive paint protectant applied in a liquid form; they're commonly referred to as nano-coatings. When the curing process is complete, it hardens to form a hard, glass-like sacrificial layer on top of the paint.

  • Unlike waxes or sealants, a ceramic coating is unique in that when it fully cures; it provides the vehicle with a thick layer of protection, adding gloss and resistance to contamination. Additionally, the hardness of the chemical will give long-lasting durability.

  • When ceramic coatings are adequately maintained, they can protect your car for many months or several years, depending on which coating was applied. 

Curing Time

  • Silicon dioxide-based Ceramic Spray sealant's initial curing time is 24 hours. It takes up to 3 days for this paint coating to fully cure. The vehicle should not have contact with water within this period.

  • Carpro UK 3.0 initial curing time is 24-48 hours. However, it may take up to 7 days to fully cure. The vehicle should not have contact with water within this period. At Clean Start Detail, we cure this ceramic coating product using an infrared heat lamp.

  • Gtechniq CSL follows a similar curing time as above, 24-48 hours; this coating cures naturally. This coating may take up to 7 days to fully cure. Refrain from having your vehicle make contact with water within this period. We do not use an infrared heat lamp for Gtechniq Products.

Application of a Ceramic Coating

  • Paint Correction or Paint Enhancement is almost always the first step before a professional-grade ceramic coating application. Ceramic Coating is the best approach to protect a paint correction process because it serves as a sacrificial layer to protect the paint correction work for much longer than any other chemical on the market.

  • After paint correction, the paint is thoroughly decontaminated from any leftover compounds or polishes and returned to a clean slate.

  • The Ceramic Coating is then hand-applied using specific applicators and leveled using multiple microfiber towels.

  • Usually, this is the last factor before the curing stage. However, our clients' vehicles at Clean Start Detail receive a top coat layer. We add a layer of a top coat agent to prevent water spots, increase gloss and add another layer of paint protection. 

  • After the vehicle has been ceramic coated, it undergoes infrared heat treatment to aid the curing process.

Benefits of our Ceramic Coating Service

There are many benefits to having a ceramic-coated vehicle:​

  • Protection from Harmful UV rays
    If you park your vehicle in open parking lots exposed to the sun, a ceramic coating application is a must-have to prevent oxidation and paint fading from the sun's harsh UV rays.


  • Protection from Chemical Stains
    With air pollution rising, chemical contaminants in the air can damage your vehicle's paint. A paint protection coating protects your vehicle by preventing these contaminants from bonding to the paint and causing long-term damage. 


  • Ease of Cleaning
    Due to the coatings' hydrophobic properties, cleaning your vehicle will be easy. Road salts, debris, bird droppings, and chemicals have a tough time adhering to the ceramic coating protective layer so that the car will remain clean longer.


  • Clean and Glossy look
    The thickness of the ceramic coating allows for protection of the Paint Correction or Paint Enhancement for an extended period, which will keep your vehicle looking glossier and cleaner for much longer. It will bring the best shine and look out of your paint.


  • 7 Days to Cure
    Wait to wash your vehicle for at least seven days after application. This time frame is crucial for the ceramic coating to cure and fully adhere and harden on the paint.

  • Wash Every One to Two Weeks
    Although the vehicle's maintenance is simplified, a ceramic coating doesn't make it dirt-proof. We recommend that you wash your car at least every week, but you may exceed this to two weeks or more, depending on how you store your vehicle and the current weather conditions in your area.


  • Hand Wash Only - Wheels Vs. Paint
    Hand washes with a two-bucket method and a PH Neutral soap are necessary for appropriately washing a ceramic-coated vehicle. The most efficient way to perform a car wash is from the top.
    Always start at the roof, and proceed downward. It is the best way to prevent working against yourself. NOTE: you must use a different wash mitt and bucket on your wheels than the one you use on your paint.
    Always separate buckets and mitts to prevent cross-contamination. 
    Brake dust will damage and degrade the coating.

  • No Automatic Car Washes 
    It is best to refrain from using automatic car washes. Due to the friction caused by the brushes and unknown added chemicals used on automatic car wash, we suggest you do not use them. They will degrade and lower the life of the coating; causing swirling and possibly irreversible damage; thus, decreasing the life of the coating exponentially and damaging your vehicle.

  • Do Not Air Dry
    It is always best to avoid air drying your vehicle. Air drying can leave you chasing water spots that can etch onto the paint and make them difficult to remove. It is best to use large microfiber towels designated for car drying.
    Some water spots etch so far into the paint that machine compounding and polishing is the only way to remove them, and for such contaminants, we like to use paint correction as the last resort. It is best to be cautious and use preventative measures.


  • Remove Contaminants Immediately
    Bird droppings, bug splatters, and tree sap contaminate the coating if left on the vehicle. We suggest you remove these with a damp microfiber towel as soon as possible and inspect the paint for other contaminants that may etch on the paint.


  • Maintenance
    Here at Clean Start Detail, we offer a Maintenance Package to our existing clients only. During maintenance, we ensure that the coating performs as it should. We decontaminate the ceramic coating if needed, and if a performance loss is present on the coating, we make sure to rejuvenate it by adding supporting agents.

  • Lack of maintenance
    If you don't regularly maintain the coating, you may notice a reduction in hydrophobicity and a loss of shine. A clear indication that the coating is slowly degrading. If many months have passed, we suggest you bring it in for maintenance so that we can look over and inspect the coating.

Is Ceramic Coating worth it?

Ceramic coating has excellent benefits; if you're here, you're about to take advantage of them all. Not only did this process and chemical enhance your vehicle's look, but it will also help retain its value in the long run. 

Your long-dreaded cleaning the car days are over. It's much less tedious and time-consuming, and you will spend more time enjoying your vehicle and driving it. At the end of the day, you have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is protected for a long time.

There's no one solution to all your car paint problems. There's not a single chemical or product on the market that will guarantee complete protection, but this is one of the most advanced paint protection services to date. I'm more than happy to have performed the service for you. 

If you were looking for ceramic coating near me, we hope that you found us and that you have our contact information by now. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out through our many forms of contact. If you do not, refer to the contact us page above, or call us.

Thank you for supporting our small business. In a world full of endless options, you chose Clean Start Detail, and we are indeed very grateful to have you as a client and to have served you. We look forward to continuing to take care of your vehicles in the long run.

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