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Before Your Appointment

Important Notice:

Before proceeding to make an appointment, we strongly urge all clients to carefully read and acknowledge our comprehensive Terms of Service.

These terms outline crucial details, policies, and guidelines essential for a smooth and satisfactory service experience.

By scheduling an appointment, you confirm your understanding and agreement to abide by these terms.

Even if inadvertently overlooked, it is imperative to note that these terms apply, and we appreciate your diligence in familiarizing yourself with our policies.

Thank you for choosing Clean Start Detail—we look forward to providing you with exceptional service.

1. Cancellation Policy:

  • Clients may cancel or reschedule appointments without incurring a fee up to 48 hours before the scheduled appointment time.

2. Cancellation Fees or Penalties:

  • Late cancellations (within 48 hours) or no-shows may be subject to a cancellation fee of $100.

3. Late Arrival Policy:

  • Policy on Late Arrivals:

    • Clients are requested to arrive on time, as late arrivals may impact the duration and quality of the service. Clients may not be more than one hour late.

  • Additional Charges for Late Arrivals:

    • Significant late arrivals (more than 60 minutes) may be subject to additional charges or adjustments to the service duration. A fee of $50 will be applied for each hour past the scheduled arrival time.

4. Appointment Booking:

  • Due to high demand, we request your credit card information before approving appointments. Your understanding and cooperation in this matter are greatly appreciated.

5. Case-by-Case Appointment Approval:

  • To manage demand and ensure optimal service, appointments are approved on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to approve or decline appointments as necessary, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

6. Communication and Vehicle Arrangements:

  • Please contact us via call or text to discuss your desired services and arrange for vehicle pickup or drop-off.

7. Sales Tax Inclusion:

  • The price of our services includes sales tax.

8. Minimum Confirmation Period:

  • A minimum 24-hour confirmation period is required before approving appointments. This ensures we have all necessary information and can adequately prepare for your service.

9. Weather Considerations:

  • Weather conditions are taken into account before approving appointments. In case of rainy, snowy, or inclement weather, rescheduling may be necessary for the safety and quality of our service.

10. Visual Pre-Detail Inspection:

  • During your appointment, a visual pre-detail inspection will be conducted to assess your vehicle's condition and identify any necessary services.

11. Paint Correction Options:

  • Paint correction options will be determined post-inspection, considering paint condition, imperfections, and depth to decide the best course of action.

12. Bodily Fluid Spills Policy:

  • We do not address bodily fluid spills on vehicles for health and safety reasons. We encourage clients to address such issues before their appointment.

13. Service Limitations:

  • We do not offer services related to engine cleaning, mini-vans, extra-large lifted trucks, rental cars, transportation options, tire or rim repair/replacement, and paint-related applications.

14. Pricing Based on Vehicle Size:

  • Our service prices are vehicle-size dependent, with starting prices applicable to two and four-door cars and small trucks.

15. Rescheduling Within the 48-Hour Cancellation Window:

  • If a client needs to reschedule within the 48-hour cancellation window, the same fee as a cancellation may apply. However, exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

16. Refund Processing:

  • Refunds are processed on the same day as the request, but it may take up to 5 business days to reflect on the client's chosen form of payment.

17. Severe Weather Conditions:

  • In the event of severe weather conditions, appointments will be rescheduled to ensure the safety and quality of the service.

18. Requesting Additional Services During the Appointment:

  • Clients cannot request additional services during the appointment.

19. Restrictions on Vehicle Type or Condition:

  • Vehicles with excessive soiling or an excessive amount of trash may not be detailed, and a $100 fee will be applied for excessively soiled or dirty vehicles.

20. Appointment Timeline:

  • Appointments require a minimum of 8hr drop off, so please be advised that you will have the day off without your vehicle. Our Ceramic Coating appointments may take up to 3 days.


Agreement to Terms:

By scheduling an appointment, you fully agree to our terms of service. We want to ensure you are well-informed about our services, limitations, and restrictions to provide the best customer satisfaction.

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