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The Best Car Detailing  Services in the Dallas Area

A better car wash and car detailing company, one like no other near you, we provide excellent services and quality.

Mustang in a Car Lift at the Clean Start Detail, Car Detail Shop

Convenience and the Best Car Care.

Our Car Detailing Services

Clean Start Detail is a professional, family-owned car detailing company out of Flower Mound, Texas in the Dallas Area.

We provide a wide variety of services for our clients from our detail shop in Flower Mound. We offer our clients a version of a mobile detail by providing pick-up and drop-off services.


We offer the best-detailing services, allowing clients to customize the services to their needs. We book a single client per day, allowing us to spend much more time with your vehicle. We're here for all your car wash and car detailing needs.
We use high-quality products and equipment from leaders in the industry. We want our clients' vehicles to receive the best treatment and care.
When your vehicle visits us for Maintenance, Paint Correction, Paint Enhancement, Ceramic Coating application, or any of our services, it will permanently be added to the service history on the CARFAX report.​
We are extending our services to neighboring areas to get our clients closer to us. We offer services near you in Highland Village, Lantana, Grapevine, Southlake, Double Oak, Copper Canyon, and more. 

Car Detailing, Mobile Detailing, and More

We are proud partners with CARFAX. 
We provide our clients with the luxury of having our Ceramic Coating applications and car detailing services permanently recorded on their vehicles' history as proof of proper car care and maintenance, free of charge. We help our clients increase their vehicle value because of our high-quality services in the Flower Mound area.

We know it matters.

Affiliate company with Clean Start Detail, this is the Car Fax Logo
Alex is Performing a Interior Car Cleaning Service Cleaning Fabric Seats

Interior Car Cleaning Services

Our Interior Detailing services will shift how you perceive auto interior car cleaning. Unlike your local car wash, we use high-quality tools and equipment to clean your car interior thoroughly. We have built an exceptional environment for cleaning car interiors.

We have access to the following:


  • air compressor tools to clean those hard-to-reach areas

  • soft rubber end attachments for our vacuums 

  • soft bristle brushes to clean delicate fabrics and interior components

  • steam cleaning

  • fabric extractors to clean seats and floor mats

  • a controlled environment

And much more!

Our detail shop is equipped and ready to tackle any of your interior car cleaning needs. 

We also have a combined Full Service option for Interior and Exterior.

Exterior Car Detailing

​We take proper care of your car's paint when it comes to the car wash and paint protection against contaminants and UV rays. We have made sure the selection of tools and chemicals we carry are the best to treat paint and wheels during a car wash. 


During our Exterior Detail service, we restore the paint to its cleanest state by:


  • using deionized water for all our car washes

  • foaming vehicles with a foam gun and quality car wash soap

  • performing car washes via the hand wash method

  • using different buckets, brushes, mitts, and tools for wheels and paint to prevent cross-contamination

  • car washing using the top to bottom approach

  • chemical and mechanical decontamination of paint

  • professional grade ceramic spray sealant


And much more!


We wash cars using a three-bucket multi-mitt hand wash method and use high-quality brushes to precisely clean emblems and parts that need more attention; for more information, follow the link to our page. 

We also have a combined Full Service option for Interior and Exterior.

Performing a Hand Car Wash on a BMW G80 M3 with a protected presure washer nozzle

Car Detailing Services
Starting price





Starting price is for a sedan vehicle, and the price is subject to change depending on the size of the car and its condition during a pre-detailing inspection. Please follow the link to our appointment booking website to learn more about our guidelines.

Service Areas

Alex is seen here performing a Car Wash on a Lexus GSF
Ceramic Coating Near Me, products from Car Pro Uk 3.0 and Crystal Serum Light from Gtechniq

Ceramic Coating

We take the Ceramic Coating application and Paint Protection process very seriously at Clean Start Detail. We have developed and established the best suitable environment for preparing and applying car ceramic coating products at our detail shop.

The environment we have built for paint correction, paint enhancement, and ceramic coatings is free of dirt and debris; it is enclosed, temperature-controlled, and adequately lit. A perfect environment for adding a protective layer to your vehicle. 

We carry professional-grade ceramic coatings from two companies that are industry leaders and protect your car for the long term. 

CarPro UK 3.0 


CarPro UK 3.0 provides vehicle paint protection for 18 - 24 months. This ceramic coating offers extreme gloss and hydrophobic properties.

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light


Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light provides the vehicle with paint protection for 3 - 5 years. Gtechniq CSL offers excellent resistance to chemicals, tar, bug splatters, and airborne contamination.​ This ceramic coating provides super hydrophobic properties and excellent gloss.

Detail Shop

We Come to Your Home, Apartment, Office, or Workplace in the town of Flower Mound and the surrounding area!

We have chosen the detail shop approach for Clean Start Detail because we wanted to prevent sacrificing our service quality.


We can offer our clients the best car detailing and ceramic coating quality by having a controlled environment and all of our tools and chemicals in one location and not being limited by carrying space. However, we can offer a service much like a mobile detail; we offer car pick-up and drop-off services to make it much easier for you to have your car detailed and left squeaky clean.

The locations we're currently offering mobile detailing via pick-up and drop-off are:

Other cities are up for discussion; however, our Detail Shop takes Drop-Offs for Paint Enhancement, Paint Correction, and Ceramic Coating, near me and from other towns and cities listed on our site.



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Gtechniq Ceramic Coating





Car Detailing, our Vision and Mission

Car detailing is at our heart, and we want to support all car enthusiasts and everyday drivers alike. We aim to share our passion for proper car care and maintenance with everyone interested in car detailing.


While working towards building our detail shop and dream car detailing company, we knew that our values weren't to be compromised; this is why we invested so much into quality. We worked hard to bring you mobile detailing, the best car detailing, and ceramic coating in the Flower Mound and the surrounding Dallas area. 

These are some of the brands we carry.
Our compounds, polishes, wheel cleaners, and ceramic coatings are of the highest quality in the detailing industry.

International Detailing Association

At Clean Start Detail, we understand that providing exceptional detailing services requires a high level of skill and expertise. That's why we take training, knowledge, and the sharing of knowledge with our clients very seriously. We are dedicated to constantly improving and staying up-to-date on the latest detailing techniques and technologies in the industry.


Our commitment to training and education sets us apart from other detailing companies and allows us to deliver the best results and services to our clients. This is why Alex, the owner, and operator of Clean Start Detail, has been a part of the International Detailing Association (IDA) since 2021.


The International Detailing Association (IDA) is a leading global association for professional detailing operators, suppliers, and consultants that promotes the value of professional detailing services recognizes it as a trade and empowers professionals at each stage in their career through educational programs, best practices, and access to resources and information.


Being a part of this organization allows Alex to stay at the forefront of the detailing industry, providing the best possible service to clients and sharing his knowledge and expertise with our clients. We are proud members of such a large and helpful organization, and we constantly strive to deliver the best results and services to our clients.


The International Detailing Association, the ida

Service Areas

Car Detailing Services

Mobile Detailing Area

For more information on our detailing services, you may head over to their respective pages below:

Exterior Detail

Interior Detail

Interior Car Cleaning
Interior Detail
Smoke Odor Removal
Seat Extraction

Paint Correction

Ceramic Coating

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